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Yunus Haider, A.R.B.S

Yunus's work  is essentially organic in that it is about nature - trees, branches, flowers, stones, corrals, fossils and life itself.  He is fasinated by the natural textures in all of these. 

Yunus' love for natural textures is evident in his work, may it be bronze, steel or ceramics

A significant influences in his work has been his childhood years in India high up in the Himalayan Mountains where there were only the rocks and the river, the natural colours of nature in the rocks and sand, bleached tree trunks and no other distractions.  The rocks in particular have influenced his work. 

Further influences come from naturally occurring shapes found in the ground, such as flints and animal bones left by predation and starvation. 

Three Sisters - Ceramic Garden Sculpture H 2.4 meters

Yunus is very inquisative and experimental.  He makes full use of any accidental changes caused by the making processes and incorporates these in his work.  Intuition too plays a part and he finds that these natural and accidental happenings greatly enhance his work. 

Opus 1974/24  Large Moon - Bronze

H 42 x 42 x 5 cm

Opus 1972/03  Bronze Screen 

Bronze - H 45 x 45 x 3 cm

Opus 1972/01  Column 

Bronze H 54 x 20 cm dia

Opus 2006/14 Phoenix -

Bronze H 17 x 10 x 10 cm

A selection of bronzes from the collection 


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